Artist Review#1 – SPEAK

“Just behave yourself. Stay silent if nothing else” – Heavy Metal War

SPEAK is a synthpop band formed in 2008 in Austin Texas.

Now, I really feel as if this band is waaaaay less known than it needs to be, With approx. 32,548 monthly listeners (stat taken from Spotify), 2619 twitter followers and only 2,278 subscribers on youtube. There are so many things about this band’s music that I think make it so unique.

Troupe Gammage has these amazingly ranged vocals which I feel go SO well over the busy-ness of each of the tracks. The electric aspects of each track are so well blended even if they do seem busy and if the track has a beat, you can’t miss it.

What I love about this band is that the songs are pretty uplifting. If you’re like me, and your mood changes depending on the music you’re listening to then you’ll probably feel pretty chilled if not in a pretty good mood whilst listening to SPEAK.

A few notable songs of theirs to listen to 🙂

Mystery Lights; taken off the 2014 album – Pedals

Heavy Metal War (Pedals) –

Carrie (released 2011) –

COPYRIGHT NOTICE – All videos and music included in this post belong to SPEAK , all opinions are my own. Stats taken off publicly available sources.

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