An Introduction…

Welcome to Bring On The Sound!

A bit about me… I am currently a full-time student based in Bath, UK. I’m studying for A-Levels in Psychology, Philosophy and Music Technology. From a young age, music has been this massive part of my life – as a practical musician, I play the violin and piano and more or less always have. I suppose you could also say I sing a bit…

My love for listening to music came from my inability to focus in a silent environment. Libraries are my worst nightmare for this very reason. Somehow I find silence the most disturbing thing. Because of this, I am and have always played music out loud when working. Alternatively, being a ‘stroppy teenager’, as my mother often ends up referring to me as, I like to use music to cut out the world. I can relate to lyrics everywhere and find some kind of excitement in music with great depth – whether that depth be in meaning of the lyrics or just the crazy deep bass-i-ness of it. If you can’t listen to it on full volume and not hear what’s going on around you, I probably won’t have it.

I’ve never really had a ‘taste in music’. I’ve always listened to what is on the radio, the music that my friends liked, music from television and stage productions…all of it. My personal music library is so mixed in genre that I basically have to use playlists in order that I can play music out loud and people don’t question the odd bit of European Rap or Eastern melody that might pop up.

A bit about right now…At the time of writing, I’m currently in half term attempting to plough through my pile of work that only accounts for two of my subjects. I have a desk, but i’m too lazy to use it, (it’s across the room from my bed…granted my room isn’t exactly massive, I’m still too lazy to get up and go over to it) so i’m sat under my duvet surrounded by papers. Blasting music through my headphones – the quicker the beat, the quicker the work gets done. I’m weird like that. Suddenly I had the idea to create this page – it seemed like a good idea at the time, but I really need to be doing my work… I’m going to end this post here 🙂

Again, Welcome to Bring On The Sound – I hope you stay with me for a while and I’ll do my best to get some posts up as soon as I can 🙂


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