Song Review#2 – Dreaming, Sleeping Wolf

“How am I gonna get over you, I just keep imagining the love we knew”

Okay, so this song is SUPER catchy, it has this really upbeat-ness about it that I just love.

It’s kind of a play on a breakup song, it depicts the hung up lover that probably just got dumped by the partner. But it’s no Taylor Swift, classic sulky breakup track (no hate intended, don’t get me wrong, Taylor is pretty amazing too…). It makes you want to get up and dance – Be Proud to be free and Single!!

“You’d climb through my window at night, Cause I was the one who made you alive”

One thing I don’t understand with this band is how little people know it! With 619 twitter followers and 2867 youtube subs this band definitely deserves more recognition. Everyone who I’ve ever played their music around have loved it just as much as I do. The songs produced by this band are so varied with the dance feel of ‘Dreaming’ to the deeper more expressiveness of ‘Secret’ – Both so catchy and so well produced.

Take a listen and give them a follow – @sleepingwlf on twitter 😉

Dreaming is linked below  –

Secret is also linked below on Soundcloud –


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