Album Review#1 – Safe in Sound, Lower Than Atlantis

Released: Feb 3rd 2017

“I hate everyone that I meet, But I’m getting better. Think before I speak, because I
I know I’ve got a temper!” – Had Enough 

I can’t really remember which streaming service recommended to me that I listen to this band, but whichever it was, DAMN THANKS!! This album is so so so SO good! Newly released this year guys!!

“The tree remembers what the axe forgets….Boomerang, boomerang
Throwing me away cause you know that I’ll come back” – Boomerang

The album channels classic rock styles as well as the more modern rock and from the very first track, you get completely pulled in by this band! You get this crazy loud rocked up sound that has you basically head-banging till your eyes fall out (maybe a bit drastic…?) from the first 20 seconds of the first track…

“I don’t care about it, I can’t live without it, Though I love to hate it, I work hard, to make it” – Money

Something that I love about this rock band is that it’s not shouty or screamy. Lower than Atlantis perfectly proves that you don’t need to scream to be on the heavier side of the spectrum. The melodic lead vocals are so perfectly performed by Mike Duce and greatly accompanied by the beats of Eddy Thrower and mesmerising guitar and bass parts thanks to Ben Sansom and Declan Hart.

“Don’t have to play dumb, ‘Cause I weren’t born last night. There’s nothing here to hide behind tonight” – Dumb

Where some of the tracks are slightly on the louder side, I feel like you could really chill to ‘Money’ and ‘Dumb’, despite retaining their definitive Rock sound.

Take a listen 🙂

Notable favourite tracks :

Had Enough –

Boomerang –

Money –


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