Artist Review#2 – Elias

Elias is this amazing swedish artist who deserves a lot more recognition that he currently has with 3,671 youtube subscribers and 1209 Twitter followers.

“Let’s start a revolution, how beautiful, it is” – Revolution

Elias has these amazing vocals – their depth and range just shine through in his music. Everything about his music is centred around his passionate and thoughtful vocal melodies but that doesn’t mean the music is any less great.

Even with the odd electronic insert, the accompaniment seems to maintain this level of purity and has this feel of grandeur in its depth. Everything about the tracks from the sounds used and produced, as well as the lyrics and vocal lines seem SO thought through and have been produced to achieve this level of greatness that is Elias’ sound.

“Would you cut me from the branches? Release me from your chains? Ain’t nobody coming home to me, Since you’ve gone your way.” – Green Eyes

My favourite track of his is probably ‘Green eyes’ – it epitomises his deep vocal abilities and somewhat electric accompaniment. This track has a really deep and pounding bass and kick beat however i think what drew me to it were the swell sounds that introduce you to the song and the MASSIVE build up that the song holds and processes with. To me this is quite an intensely beautiful song and everything about it has something that leaves you in this partially hypnotic state, dragging you in right to the drop.

Take a listen to Elias’ Music 🙂

Down N Out-

Green Eyes –




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