Song Review#3 – Another Red Light, David Hodges

Album: The Rising

Year of Release: 2009

“I see the faces following close in a long headlight parade, To a resting place where tear-stained eyes say goodbye”

This song is probably one of the most beautiful songs that I know of…

The piano introduction and parts are really delicate and for me, portray the delicacy too emotions. Even though it does overall sound like a classic rock ballad, I think the significance of this piano is evident. The music overall is mainly just accompanying the vocal melody – there’s no problem with that. The vocal melody and harmonies are a really important part of this track so the accompaniment being more classic means that we can pay attention to the lyrics.

“I’m driving blind but the wheels of life have a beautiful Way of slowing you down sometimes”

The lyrics are such an important part of this song and are definitely the centrepiece of it. The lyrics in the verse contain this really sad meaning, I’m not 100% sure but I think they’re about a loved one lost. They imply that there’s a funeral occurring…

“Smile when you’re not supposed to laugh, And cry when you’re supposed to hold it back”

However, the chorus is this glimmer of hope – it suddenly becomes this beacon that we can all look to. It tells us that we shouldn’t waste this life being sad or worried – we should take every day and appreciate that we get to live another day.

“‘Cause tomorrow’s too late, there’s no time to wait, So don’t waste a day in this life”

I think I love this song because I originally found it when I was going through some hard times in my life. Listening to it just gave me this sense that actually, there’s so much more happiness in this world than you might think when nothing seems to be going right for you…you just need to find a new way to look at every situation and take into account every emotion you feel and appreciate that you are still able to feel ❤

Take a listen 🙂



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