Artist Review#3- Walking On Cars

Walking on Cars are an Irish alternative Rock band. Their album ‘Everything This Way’ (released 2016) has became a big hit already!

“Strangers connect tonight, But we don’t know why, And we don’t know how, But we could fall into each other now” – Hand in Hand

Not only myself, but my family love Walking on Cars. I think this is probably down to the fact that they have this really chilled sound whilst not being ‘sleepy’ or boring. Their song’s all the beautiful piano extracts and the thoughtful vocals of Patrick Sheehy. The music seems to be, in my opinion, primarily based around classic acoustic instruments but all manipulated to fit their alt.Rock sound. I think it’s really nice to find music like this that you can just play in the house and not worry about people disliking it. It’s so family friendly and versatile so you can just play it out.

“Cause these secrets all that we’ve got so far, The demons in the dark, lie again, Play pretends like it never ends, This way no one has to know”- Speeding Cars

I think my favourite song by Walking on Cars is probably…Speeding Cars. I love how contemplative the lyrics are. They seem quite sad but to me they give the message of: What would I have to do to get your attention? Because I know you know of me, but what do I know about you? I think this is important because it makes us wonder what we will do in order to be noticed and to get the chance to make friends even if others have heard rumours about ourselves…I would do anything to make you want to get to know me, even if my past haunts me..

Notable tracks to take a listen to 🙂 :

Hand in Hand-

Speeding Cars-


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