Album Review#2 – Party in the Graveyard, Ghost Town

So this review is on something slightly different… Ghost Town.

Ghost Town are this incredible electronic rock band, based in the US. To be honest, they’re probably on my list of top 10 favourite bands.

“You never thought that we could be the perfect tragedy, You know I want your problems, got love for imperfection” – Trick Or Treat

I think the  thing I love the most about this album and band in particular is definitely the deep electric sound of all the tracks and their heavy beats. They’re busy and in my opinion, not something you can listen to below half volume.

“I got a place for the wicked to go, Got a mindset that nobody knows”- Monster

The album has a ‘creepy’ halloween like theme to it and I think this is a massive advantage. It allows them to get the most out of their sound, incorporating dubstep styles into the tracks. Kevin McCullough’s vocals are so poignant in the tracks and are well mixed with the style – He has AMAZING vocals!

“These weights are tied up to my legs, Sinking lifeless has never felt so peaceful”- Tentacles

My favourite track is definitely ‘Tentacles’. I love this track because firstly, I love the darkness in theme of the lyrics…I don’t really know why. I think I just feel like they’re pretty creative. Secondly, THE BREAKDOWN…WOW!! I just love the panning at play here! Being someone who doesn’t really care if my headphones are on full volume and people can hear my music, I just love the feeling of this. It’s so well produced and so intense!

Take a listen to a few of their tracks 🙂


Trick or Treat-


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