Artist Review#4- EDEN

EDEN, originally from Dublin, Ireland started under the alias of ‘The Eden Project’ – His work as The Eden Project featured more  electronic dance music such as dubstep and drum and bass, until he began venturing into a more indie pop-oriented style and changed his alias to EDEN – which I want to focus on in this review.

“I wanted you to be the last thing on my mind, I wanted you to be the reason I close my eyes, But I can’t sleep” – Gravity

Under EDEN, he has released two albums : End Credits  (2015) and i think you think too much of me (2016).

End Credits

End Credits contains songs that are influenced by his electronic styles but are more indie-pop orientated as well as more acoustic songs. All of EDEN’s tracks are well focused around his vocals, which in themselves are incredible. All of the songs on this album are extremely well produced and honestly powerful. This album is pretty chill.

“So let’s run, Make a great escape, And I’ll be waiting outside for the getaway”-  End Credits feat Leah Kelly

My favourite song on End Credits is actually the title track of the EP which features the amazing vocals of Leah Kelly.  I think I’m so attracted to this track because I love how the vocalists completely contrast and they build up to this amazingly powerful chorus. I think this song just depicts this kind of escape from life. And for some reason I can really relate to that.

i think you think too much of me 

Okay so this album is a lot more alternative pop in my opinion. I love this album because the tracks still focus on his vocals and the lyrics are all just as thoughtful. The instrumentation in this album is much more guitar focused, with many effects added over the guitar. There is no lack of electronic influences though.

“She’s in love with the concept, As if we’re all just how she imagined” -XO

I think my favourite song on this album is probably Sex. This is because I love the mixture of the heavy beats with sustained piano chords and just how fun the lyrics and whole sound is. This is a really catchy song and I just love it 🙂

Take a listen to some of EDEN’s music 🙂


End Credits feat Leah Kelly –



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