Song Review#6- More To You, As December Falls

Okay so this band is pretty new to me, having started off by finding me on Twitter. I took a listen to a track is was sent – I actually love it and I love them!

The band’s style is pop punk and in my opinion, can easily be compared with more well known artists, such as Paramore. If you like Paramore, Against the Current or Tonight Alive, then you should really check out As December Falls!

Bethany Curtis’ vocals are absolutely amazing – I think that sometimes with certain types of vocals, you’ve gotta relate them to a particular style, (For example, my best friend’s vocals are much more suited to opera than pop styles) and I think that Bethany has found the perfect style for her vocals!

I love this track because it’s really fast paced and epitomises the pop punk style. The music is just so fitting thanks to the talents of Ande Hunter, Lukas James and Will Brown. You have the fast strummed chords and intense drum beats that just make you want to get up and dance.

I really think this has the potential to be such a big track and band so please please please check them out!! 🙂

Take a listen to their newest track – More to You ❤



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