Song Review#7 – Black & White, Artwork

Okay so this song is pretty loud and out there.

Artwork is this amazing rock band that happened to follow me on twitter, they looked cool so naturally I HAD to check them out!

They currently have one music video out on youtube for their new track “Black & White” which this review (obviously…) is on ­čÖé

I love the sound of this track overall. The music is SO rocked up like WOW!!! Everything about this is loud and in some ways obnoxious but that’s the way any rock track should be in my opinion! The fast pace but continuous thoughtfulness and massive beats are intriguing. I personally would compare┬áSky Verdone’s vocals to the likes of Vic Fuente, Kellin Quinn and┬áKevin McCullough. It has this modesty to it until he unleashes the fury that are his incredible screams!!

On a quick side-note, I REALLY like their image overall!

Take a listen to the track ­čÖé



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