Artist Review#6- AmaLee

I don’t know if a lot of you guys will know AmaLee but since she is probably one of my favourite singers/cover artist, I REALLY wanted to write about her!

AmaLee (Amanda Lee) creates and produces these amazing English covers of Japanese anime songs. She started off on YouTube and has expanded to the likes of Patreon and Spotify.

What I love about AmaLee’s voice is that it’s really soft and delicate yet she has really good amount of power to it and it basically fits any style of music. Anime music is this diverse world that not a lot of people come across.As an avid anime watcher it was so cool to come across AmaLee’s covers of some of my favourite openings, included songs and endings!

What is also pretty unique about the covers is that she doesn’t just use the straight-given instrumental tracks that you find online. I’m not 100% sure but it sounds as if she or an associate of hers produce the track to fit her vocals – which makes them even more perfect! This means everything about the track is well fitted to her translated vocal lines!

Take a listen to her music!

Below I’ve listed some of my favourites-

History Maker! Yuri!!!On ICE cover-

Heavenly Blue Aldnoah Zero Cover-

Dearly Beloved Kingdom Hearts Cover-


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