Song Review#8 – King, Lauren Aquilina

Okay so I have absolutely loved this song from the very first time I ever heard it.

“Glass half empty, glass half full, Well either way you won’t be going thirsty. Count your blessings not your flaws”

I love how it’s got this really airy feeling to it but still has the purity of the piano shining through in the accompaniment.

“Put all your faults to bed,You can be king again”

Lauren’s voice is amazing, it may be soft but that doesn’t mean its any lacking in power or variety. The lyrics are so thoughtful and her voice perfectly compliments them and the whole song.

“You’ve got it all, You lost your mind in the sound, There’s so much more, You can reclaim your crown”

I think the lyrics are supposed are supposed to depict the story of someone who’s somehow lost hope in themselves. It makes me think of it as something that a close friend or even wise stranger would say to someone to make them realise how much more the person is. You should never give up on yourself because only you can make a change to what happens in your life.

“There’s method in my madness, There’s no logic in your sadness, You don’t gain a single, thing from misery….Take it from me”

During a hard time, I think this message is so important. We should always have faith in ourselves as we are in control of ourselves. I think Lauren has done an amazing job at getting this message through ❤

Take a listen 🙂


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