Artist Review #5-Alan Walker

You guys have probably heard of Alan Walker at some point. He has chart hits out there such as Faded, Alone and Sing Me To Sleep. Now a successful Norwegian music producer, Walker’s original interest lay with computers and programming and he taught himself via YouTube how to produce music.

I just think a background like that is so cool, it just shows that if you put in the effort to learn and if you have a real interest in something, you can be successful in an unfamiliar field.

“Where are you now, Another dream, The monsters running wild inside of me” – Faded

His ‘breakthrough’ track was Faded, featuring the entrancing vocals of Iselin Solheim, which was released in 2015. This track, originally without vocals released as “Fade” had already gained attention following it’s release in 2014 and even more after being released by the known label NoCopyrightSounds (NCS).  Faded starts in a way that makes it seem pretty chill, but then it starts to build up and as it does it becomes obvious that it’s a dance track. What I loved about this track, having already known the original Fade, is that he’s evidently made changes to fit the vocalist and it keeps its unique sound 🙂

“Yesterday got away, Melodies stuck inside your head, A song in every breath” – Sing Me to Sleep

Faded was followed by “Sing Me To Sleep” (vocals also by Iselin Solheim)  and “Alone” (vocals by  Noonie Bao). These song’s were released and the three tracks became a trilogy. They all have this airiness to them that I really enjoy and despite being slower than your classic dance track, they have just as much of an effect. I love how the tracks all bring you in but don’t need to be crazy loud or intense to do so!!

“If this night is not forever, At least we are together, I know I’m not alone” – Alone

Take a listen!!


Sing Me To Sleep-





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