Artist Review#6 – TheFatRat

TheFatRat…is pretty awesome. Despite his immense following fanbase, I feel like he is still so unknown to people…Personally I only know about 5 people who’ve heard of him which to me seems kind of crazy, mad and sad.

TheFatRat is a German music producer who’s genre lies with Dance or maybe more specifically as Glitch Hop.

I actually LOVE TheFatRat’s music just because it’s really “boppy” (as my mum would call it!) and is so catchy. I love how it makes you want to jump around the room and dance…although that might just be me and my coffee addiction…

The tracks vary, as some are purely instrumental and others contain really thought through vocal lines. I really like how on some tracks, such as Monody or Unity, the vocal parts actually don’t start at the beginning of the track. I think that’s what makes them so unique to me. Another thing about the track is that many of the sounds he uses remind me so much of the old video game or arcade sounds. Something about those sounds I just really like.

Monody is probably one of my favourite tracks of his. This track starts with this really deep and majestic opening. The mix of instruments he’s chosen is really interesting. Then the middle section gets cut into by the amazing vocals of Laura Brehm. This is a much more thoughtful section that then builds back up to the track towards the end.

TheFatRat’s music can be found on Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music for streaming if you want to take a listen 🙂





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