Album Review#4 – okay. , As It Is

I love this album, to put it quite simply.

As It Is are a British Pop Punk band based in Brighton, England. The album I will be reviewing is called ‘okay.’ and was released earlier this year.

“I don’t know if I’ve been worse, I don’t know if I can change, But right now, I don’t think, I don’t think that I’m okay” – Okay.

This album is really cool to me because it’s definitely correctly categorised as pop punk but somehow it’s still pretty easy listening. It’s the kind of music I wouldn’t even think twice about playing out loud since there’s minimal amounts of swearing  if any (- which would be an issue for say..a younger sibling.)

I love the sound of all the tracks and how they flow into each other. The flow of an album is super important and I think really cool if you listen to it through over and over (like I do!) .

“Hey Rachel, I’m sorry, I was younger and scared when you needed me, I was selfish and stubborn, a terrible brother, You don’t have to forgive me” – Hey Rachel

My favourite tracks on this album are probably “Hey Rachel” and “Okay”. There’s something about these two tracks that are really unique to me and I really like. I think it is the effect used in the  opening of both the songs is intriguing to me and I guess I don’t really understand how it was created. I kind of love it 🙂

The first track I came across was “Hey Rachel”. But recently I’ve gotten into the habit of finding a track and adding the whole album. This has proven to be an AMAZING way to find new music – as proven with this album. I love this album. And this band! I can’t wait for new music from them 🙂

Take a listen!!

Okay. –

Hey Rachel –


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