Song Review#11 – Parijs, Kenny B

This song really hits home for me as my father is half dutch and it reminds me how much I love that. I think it’s nice and different to listen to songs in alternate languages – you appreciate the world through the worldwide language of music. đŸ™‚

Kenny B is a Surinamese singer based in The Netherlands and this song spent seven weeks on top of the Dutch Top 40 Chart, which I think is pretty cool đŸ™‚

I really love this song because it’s so heartfelt and this really shows how beautiful the language is. It’s not spoken massively greatly worldwide but I feel it should be recognised and this song would really help to get it out there.The song itself is really chilled and romantic, in my opinion.The mixture of Kenny B’s smooth vocals and the classic acoustic guitar are perfect and atmospheric.

“Ik zeg: bonjour mon amour, mademoiselle tu est très belle. En zij zegt: Je suis NĂ©erlandaise. Je parle un petit peu français.” 


This song depicts the meeting on a Paris street of a young french man and dutch woman. The man shows some romantic interest in her but she doesn’t speak much of his language so she  cannot communicate. The man says – speak Dutch to me, only dutch to me – showing some respect for her and her language and willing to try even if she does not understand.

I really love it đŸ™‚

Take a listen!


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