Artist Review#7 – The Summer Set

Okay I love The Summer Set. I’ve been a fan of theirs for quite a while and they formed in 2007. They are an American alternative rock, pop punk band and I think they’re just SO unique!

‘You roll the windows down when it’s starting to rain, yeah,Everybody else might think you’re insane,But no one sees you like I do’ – Someone Like You

The band currently consists of lead vocalist Brian Dales, guitarists Josh Montgomery and John Gomez, bass guitarist Stephen Gomez, and percussionist Jess Bowen. I L.O.V.E Brian Dales’ vocals. They have this punchiness to them and he has this incredible range!

‘Then you lost your shoes as it started to rain, And your jeans soaked through, But you smiled anyway’ – Lightening in a bottle

My particular favourite of their albums would have to be their album ‘Legendary’ which was released in 2013 – probably the reason I got into this band 🙂 I love the song ‘Lightening in a bottle’ from this album – to me its just about having fun whilst you’re young. I think this concept is so important because where i agree we need to care for ourselves and study and be sensible, you should also really let go at some times and just have fun as we’re young.

I feel like most of their songs are somehow about young love and the importance of youth and I think this is super cool in that respect. Each song is really catchy and to be honest- you’ve probably heard of this band 🙂

Take a listen 🙂

Boomerang –

Someone Like You –

Lightning in A Bottle-




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