Song Review#12 – Best Behaviour, Louisa Johnson

Louisa Johnson… just…wow. This track is FIERCE!! Only a couple weeks old and I am absolutely in love with this track!!

I feel like pop music in general is pretty…same-y as a whole. But this piece…has SO many unique features to it! Firstly, Louisa’s voice is just so strong. Where she showed off her range in previous songs, she definitely used the lower spectrum of her voice in this tune and I feel like it makes it so so powerful! I love how the vocal harmonies maintain this depth and just strengthen it further!

“Oh you, got me on my best behaviour, I’m on my best behaviour, I Know that you’re good for me, I Wanna be good to you”

The lyrics are pretty simple yet I feel like this doesn’t matter so much. Everything about the song is catchy and the real focal point of this track is that it’s pretty deep and atmospheric. The depth of everything involved are what makes it so cool. From the very start you have this simple yet sophisticated bassline which continues as this super catchy riff throughout. As the song goes on you get these punchy chords being played in the background and these rolling drums. It’s a really unusual mixture of things in this track but I think the drop is SO well made. It’s deep and dance-y and great on so many levels!

The thing about this song is it kind of feels really spaced out (but not in a bad way). Louisa’s vocals are pretty airy and I think that she really plays with this throughout the track. You get these flute//woodwind coming in during the chorus of the track and I think it make it sound kind of..wild western. I don’t know if it’s just me but I REALLY love this about this track 🙂

Take a Listen!!


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