Album Review#6 – Shatter Me, Lindsey Stirling

Okay so I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lindsey Stirling 🙂

I’m a violinist myself so it’s so cool to have someone like Lindsey to kind of…idolise in terms of my musical performance. I was lucky enough to have been gifted the ENTIRE pack of sheet music that accompany’s this album and I love playing it all!!

Lindsey is an incredible artist and violinist and this album consists entirely of her original songs and various collaborations she’s done with singers such as Halestorm’s LZZY Hale 🙂

The title song is Shatter Me featuring the incredible vocals of Lzzy Hale – I love how this track is made so that the vocalist has this thoughtful melody line and then the violin almost crashes in with its own solo parts!

However my favourite track is probably Beyond the Veil. Having tried to play it from my copy…just how… I don’t even understand! It’s INCREDIBLE…It’s so fast paced and mysterious and just brilliant – a smashing composition!

I really hope to see loads more of Lindsey and hope that you guys can enjoy her music as much as I do!!

Take a listen ❤

Shatter Me-

Roundtable Rival-

Beyond the Veil-


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