Song Review#14 – Dirty Laundry, All Time Low

This song is ATL’s latest release and honestly I really love it 🙂

“I know it’s not my place, Who am I to tell you that you need to change?”

I really like how chill this track is. It starts off with this really great atmosphere and I really like the way that the track is simple yet still is able to lead into the chorus. The track overall is really chilled and it’s really easy listening.

The whole meaning of the lyrics probably have something to do with, accepting people for all of their flaws. There’s no reason why you should have any right to ask people to change. I think this is super important. If you’re gonna be with someone, it should be for who they are. Likewise you should never change for someone

“Dirty laundry is piling in her room, She’s got her secrets, Yea I got mine too”

Take a listen 🙂



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