Song Review#15 – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Skrillex

Okay yes I get that this is a relatively old track by some description but I really think this is one that should be heard. You probably know Skrillex’ song – Bangarang. Well I’m pretty sure that this actually came before that one. It’s pretty sick.

Skrillex is a electronic dubstep artist and is pretty well known for that. To me, it was Bangarang that first had me listening to his stuff, however this quickly became my favourite of his tracks once I found it.

It’s pretty heavy so it’s definitely a high volume track. It has some pretty tasteful melody lines all interwoven and not screams…more like…yells before the drop. It features these kooky vocal extracts of some ‘monster’ telling us that they’re as scared as us. WE shouldn’t fear them as they fear us too, I mean…I get this. Why do monsters hide for us to find if they aren’t scared to be found right???

Take a listen 🙂


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