Album Review#7 – Beauty and The Beast Soundtrack

Beauty and the Beast is probably my favourite story in the entire universe…I’m serious…Okay okay so I went to see the new Disney release of Beauty and the Beast and have seen the original AND the stage musical…I am SO in love with the entire package. The film was gorgeous and each member of the cast did each character SO much justice. But enough about the film…. Naturally I came home and downloaded the entire soundtrack which accompanied the film. I’m not gonna say that this review will be short and I am going to skip over some tracks….

The first 3 tracks on the album were the novelty tracks done by external celebrities – as in the tracks which accompany the credits/trailer etc. First we have the wonderful Celine Dion singing ‘How Does a Moment Last Forever‘ – this is probably one of my favourite songs on here to be quite frank. Celine is beautiful and this song is just perfectly performed by her. Next we have Ariana Grand and John Legend’s duet of ‘Beauty and The Beast‘. Wow…just wow… It’s definitely in the classic styles that they both sing so well…i can’t actually think of the particular era of music as such…but you know what I mean? Sort of pop ballad times. Finally we have Josh Groban singing ‘Evermore‘ which is sung in the film by the Beast when he realises he’s in love with Belle. It’s so so beautiful. It’s the most heartfelt song and you can just feel him yearning for her love…

The album then moves into the movie’s own soundtrack (vocal). The Overture is so grand, wholly fitting for the movie. I wish I was in the orchestra who were lucky enough to perform it!! (definitely not good enough for that quite yet!!!). The 2 vocal prologues interrupted by the Aria are just beautiful…I actually love the vocals over them. It helps me imagine what happened in the film and gets you in the mood for what’s to come…

Next we get to hear Emma Watson for the first time in Belle…WOW! Her voice is so sweet and pure. I’m not going to criticise it too much, but I feel like the media (at least i’ve read) have been super harsh in saying it’s quite…edited. However I can agree to some extent. You can tell there was quite a bit of editing done on her voice. It doesn’t sound massively normal. I think they should have given her the chance to really shine through. If you don’t have the same ear as I do, then try listening to the sound of it with your eyes closed. Some of the voices seem more ‘normal’. I’m not saying Emma’s voice isn’t good. I just feel they over edited it.

How Does a Moment Last Forever (Monmantre and Music box versions) – I think this song just epitomises the strength of the bond between Belle and her Father. Kevin Kline’s vocals are just really fatherly and you can feel the love that his character has for his family. Likewise in the version sung by Belle, you can feel her sadness as she works out her past but you can tell that she is thankful for what became of her life.

Moving on a little we have the track ‘Gaston‘… my favourite character in the whole film, to be completely honest with you guys, was LaFoue. I just love how he is the sidekick and no.1 admirer to Gaston! This song, I just love how you can still see feel the characterisation between them. It’s so well done!

The next track is…BE OUR GUEST… I LOVE IT SO MUCH OMG!!! I would never have guessed the actors from most of the voices in this song! It’s so well produced – it’s not massively different from the original except more grand I feel. It’s always been the most fun song in the story, it must be so much fun to partake in!

Days in the Sun – what a beautiful song. You have all the castle occupants reminiscing about being free once more and wanting to be with their loved ones. There are wonderful harmonies and each character has their own lines and you can just feel the love and yearning between them all.

Something There– What a classic and wonderfully performed. That’s all I have to say about this one.

Beauty and The Beast – Performed by Emma Thompson. I love love love how Emma Thompson just finds a way to make everything and every character she plays feel so motherly, you know what I mean? The way she sings this song just makes you feel as if she’s a proud mother watching her two children finally getting along, you could have the visual image of that proud mother crying as her eldest child leaves home. Emma as Mrs Potts is probably the best pairing I could have ever imagined. They’re perfect.

Evermore – Sung by Dan Stevens, I love this version. In comparison to the vocals of Josh Groban, Dan’s vocals are much deeper. That depth that he has allows for the song to feel so grand and you just feel his hurt. It’s somewhat more piercing on one’s heart…I’m pretty sure this is the point at which I became a balling mess in the cinema – awkward…

The Mob Song – I think this song just shows exactly how strong the entire cast, both ensemble and main, was selected. The vocals of everyone involved were just amazing and this song really shows that. Everyone fits together and it is so chilling and you can feel the fear in the characters – it’s intense!!

Beauty and The Beast (Finale) – Okay I know i’ve used the word Grand far too much in this review overall. I love the more operatic take on this. It just makes it feel more…grand (-_-*) It perfectly reflects the happiness and gratefulness of each of the characters as they are in their strongest and the most true forms. It made me cry. I’m crying listening to it now…I’m probably far too emotional over this…

The rest of the album consists entirely of the background accompaniments from the film – Alan Menken is the genius behind most if not all of the works. He’s a really really amazing musician himself.

Okay I think I’m done at this point…I have so much praise for this new release and was so impressed by the whole thing! I really don’t want to ramble on much longer… sorry for the HUGE review guys!!!

I’ve linked the album on Spotify below – I can’t pick any of the tracks out as my favourites really… Just take a listen! ❤ (and Don’t forget to go and see the film!)



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