Another Apology…

Hey everyone! If you’re reading this, thank you for being around and thank you for reading my posts – it means a lot x

I’m sorry I haven’t been updating regularly as I used to, I’m back at college and have my AS exams coming up in about 20 days so am busy revising… At this point, i’ve entirely given up on my subjects – I really wish I had started at this new college sooner to discover my love of music and gone to music college – not because I’m lazy, but because I feel like that’s what I really want to do having found a new piece of myself..

Ah well – I’m going to try and stick to some sort of schedule on here – I think I’ll try and post at 2pm every Monday and maybe Friday from now. I really love doing this so don’t want to give it up.

I’m sorry if the reviews are short and sweet but that’s what they’re going to have to be with mocks, assignments and AS exams…

Thank you guys for sticking around 🙂


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