Song Review#18 – Kuusou Mesorogiwi (From “Mirai Nikki”), Cover by Raon Lee & PelleK

Yes yes I know it’s an anime Opening and yes I know it’s in japanese… Let’s look past that and just think about how AWESOME this cover is???

The track is so much fun in general and super intense and fast and super interesting – pretty sure I heard this track before I saw the anime and loved both!

I think the original is pretty amazing, but PelleK and Raon Lee are an incredible collaboration! Both of these singers have amazing Character and such powerful voices. What I love about this song is that it’s so obvious that they are having such a good time whilst doing it. Raon Lee’s voice could be that of the original recording and are so perfect. PelleK is known for his powerful and well-ranged vocals, creating ‘rock’ covers of various anime tracks. the two together?? WOW ❤

Take a listen to this track 🙂


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