Song Review#19 – Thinking of You, Elias

Okay okay you guys I have been SO excited for this song to come out! It finally dropped today and I’m listening to it for the first time right now and aaaaaaaaaah ❤ I have written about Elias before yes, and I mean..He is possibly my favourite artist.

Quick background on Elias – he is this amazing Swedish artist that I have previously done a whole artist review for.

“After all this time, I still feel the pain”

This song is super dramatic and deep. Accompanied by a piano and orchestral sounding strings and airy vocals, Elias definitely knows how to show off his amazing vocal range. During the verse, he uses his lower range. This send shivers down my spine. But for the choruses he goes into his higher range. It’s amazing how he can go between both, I’m not a singer though, so I’m not actually sure whether its normal or not. But basically this song is MADE for Elias’ incredible vocals.

“God knows I’m thinking of you, when I’m falling down”

I love how, like in Revolution, he uses this choir as backing vocals. I think this adds a sense of grandeur to his music. It makes it kind of seem like a battle theme of sorts. It feels like a song depicting a lover that has been taken away from or separated from their partner. It’s a song of yearning and love. It’s just amazing!

“Don’t you ever forget, that I’ll never forget”

Congratulations Elias on your wonderful new track!!! I’m absolutely in love YET AGAIN 🙂

(apologies for my major fan madness here..!)

Take a listen ❤ 🙂 –


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