Song Review#21 – All the King’s Men, The Rigs

I can’t exactly remember how I found this song. Although I’m super glad I did…

This song is deep with airy vocals spread in octaves through the voices. The track is quite heavy and would be AMAZING as a battle scene soundtrack. I’m really into battle themes at the moment and this is one of them. I think it’s the constantly moving strings and electric guitars and what sound to be almost traditional, big, rolling skin drums. The bass part in this consists of deep pedal notes.

“When all the Kings men And all their horses Can’t find a way to…A way to save you”

I love the vocals in this just because they seem somewhat electronic and dreamy but they  match up so well with the track. They help build the tracks tension.

The only issue I have with this track is that through most of the verse, it’s kind of hard to hear the lyrics. But I think that the chorus makes up for this. Even though it doesn’t seem to show a change in the volume of the vocals, they seem clearer and they are really powerful in some respects.

Overall, I really love this track. It’s deep, powerful and strong. I think this would be amazing on any movie soundtrack and is just a great song in general ❤

Take a listen! 🙂


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