Album Review#8 – Bring Me the Horizon, Live at the Royal Albert Hall (Limited Edition)

Okay, so i know that this album isn’t MASSIVELY accessible… I was lucky enough to get one of the vinyl recordings of this INCREDIBLE concert as a gift earlier this year, despite there being so many production issues…

A bit of background, this concert consisted of their most popular tracks as well as those from their newest album performed live with an orchestra and choir, all for Teenage Cancer trust. The concert was an incredible event, the orchestra was well integrated into each track, in my opinion. Oli Sykes vocals and those of the choir shine through throughout the album and even though you’re not physically attending the concert, you can just feel the energy levels of that atmosphere. I absolutely love all of the orchestral inserts such as the beginning of Throne, Sleepwalking and Shadow Moses .

When I got the album I was so so so pleased to find my all time favourite BMTH tracks as well as their newer stuff. They received far too much backlash when they “adjusted” their sound and I think that when you hear their tracks back to back, you can tell it’s the same band. They’re just as great.

As I said, these recordings aren’t massively accessible but if it helps, i’ll link some youtube recordings of the concert down below and I’m pretty sure they’re all online 🙂

Can You Feel My Heart-

Shadow Moses-

True Friends –


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