Song Review #20 – Be There, Krewella

I heard this song on one of those channels which releases new music everyday for its viewers and actually, I love it 🙂 I’m one of those people who loves finding different or new music everyday, so I’m a subscriber to youtube channels such as AirwaveMusicTV and TrapNation. I would recommend these channels as they’re ALWAYs releasing new content. I’m pretty sure this song was released a couple or two days ago so it’s pretty fresh 🙂

It’s classed as future bass on AWMTV but has a dance feel to it which I think is quite fun. Krewella is made up of these two sisters from the US. This track has the repeated words of “Imma be there” throughout and I actually really like this. It works out (as suggested by the title) to be the main hook of the track.

The track has got the structure of both an EDM track and a pop song, so has the verses, the repeated hook and also the EDM style drop. The overall track is really fun, uplifting and catchy, the vocals (I assume are by the Sisters, correct me if i’m wrong) are actually perfect for this style and this song.

The song itself has these really inspirational, uplifting connotations. The lyrics:

“If you lose your mind
I’ll be your anchor
Holding your body down
I’ll stay awhile
From now until late
To kiss in this angel town”

portray this sense of companionship, between friends or the sisters. Just that support people have for those who are close to them. I think this is a really great message ❤

Take a Listen ❤


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