Song Review#21- Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Egoist

Okay guys don’t laugh…yet again.. it is anime related. I recently watched the anime that this is the theme to and oh my gosh it’s actually perfect 🙂

This is going to sound really strange but the song is confusing. By this I mean a serious miss-match of themes, harmonies and style.

I love how this track uses such a mix of electronically generated sounds, what seems to be clearer ‘real’ instruments (as in possibly recorded live in studio) and more electrical instruments as well as prominent choral backings.

The melody modulates during the first line of the verse and it seems weird at first but the more you listen to it (i.e. If you were to watch the anime and not skip the opening!) the more it works out. The themes are mixed, with a battle theme and built up to it as the chorus//bridge section and a sweeter and softer verses. Lead singer Chelly’s vocals are just incredible: well ranged, smooth, perfectly pitched and so distinctive.

You guys should really take a listen! And if you want? Go watch the anime! It’s apocalyptic;)


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