Song Review#22 – Division Symbols, Hands Like Houses

I’m just gonna start with a quick note – I LOVE Hands Like Houses. They’re this incredible rock band from Canberra, Australia. Their music is definitely Rock and it’s catchy and melodic and somehow so different and I adore them!

“I won’t look to the heavens, I found hell where I stand”

Division Symbols is off their 2016 album, Dissonants. I really like the entire album but Division Symbols is probably one of the few that I remember the most.

The opening to Division Symbols is higher pitched and has this swirly atmospheric feel before the hard kick comes in. The drums break through this like a brick in glass, they’re punchy and loud and stay that way throughout. The overall feel of the backing track is loud, guitar-y, rock-y and atmospheric.

“Drag me down with every word
Out of your mouth, the things we sing out loud
When no one’s listening!”

Something I actually really like about Hands like Houses is that even if the backing track is loud and ‘angry’ the actual words, lyrics and melody really aren’t. There’s something about this more melodic (as oppose to screamo) rock music that I really like. I think it’s the way you can kinda sing along with it sometimes. Even if it does has some aspect of ‘screamo’ in it.

“Let me count the ways you kill me”

I just think this track is so intense and just catchy and I think the words, even if they are frustrated or angry are clear to listeners.

On a different note, if you listen super closely to the chorus’ you can hear some super intense guitar work going on in the back – it’s pretty awesome!

Take a listen 🙂


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