Song Review#23 – I Like Me Better, Lauv

So this song happened to pop up on my YouTube Feed… I have never listened to this artist so did a liiiiitttle bit of research for the sake of this post.

So it seems that Lauv, previously also known as Somersault Sunday and Epique, has the real name of Ari Leff and is only 21 in age. It seems he’s been making music for a lot longer than the fact I JUST FOUND HIM suggests.

Honestly I’m very disappointed in myself for not having found him sooner….

Anyway, this song was released literally on Thursday (18th May, just gone) and I actually really like it. It’s somewhat simplistic and has this really catchy and chilled sound. It’s easy listening and in terms of the lyrics, not difficult to understand or sing along to.

This song is very pop song-y. Although I don’t think it is TOO pop song like – if that makes any sense??? It’s different and unique, I really like it. The sounds used are unusual, seeing as he has previous experience in creating electronic music, he probably produced them himself – as in…using software. The song isn’t too complex and the vocals stand out and are clear. I’m not 100% sure if he uses his own vocals in his music, but I think  the vocals on this song are really chill, somewhat heartfelt and just wholly genuine. It’s cool 🙂

I think this song could really be a hit – it’s too good to not, in my opinion.

Take a listen 🙂


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