Song Review#24- If This Is Love, Ruth B.

This song is absolutely beautiful. It’s this gorgeous ballad style piece, the kind that you would slow dance to at prom with that special person.

“It’s been a long day and I’m trying to figure it out
The way those words left your mouth”

Except it isn’t a love song, rather a breakup song. It’s beautiful and heartfelt – which is one of the things I love about Ruth B. Her song’s are mostly simple, classic and safe. I don’t mean ‘safe’ in a bad way at all. It fits with Classic. It shows us that there is no need for grand shows or instrumentals. Ruth B just works with her gorgeous vocals and traditional acoustic accompaniments. She is accompanied by orchestral instruments distanced as well as a forward piano.

“Even though it hurts in this moment
I’ve always known it
You’re the other half of my broken heart”

Her voice just shines through in this track – clear and smooth. This just helps to epitomise the innocence and hurt in the track. But still shows that beauty is there through the hurt…<3

Take a listen –


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