Song Review#26 – Hikaru Nara, Goose House

Okay yes I’m sorry this is another anime opening but I really don’t care because this track makes me insanely happy despite the pain caused by the anime that was related to it.

This is the Opening to ‘Your Lie in April’ which is this gorgeous spring anime based around the passion of musicians and the strong bonds of friendship between young people which exist alongside the musicians’ competitiveness.

This track is fun and rich in sound, with 7 voices involved, each instrumentalists. I love the feel that the switching between vocalists brings and each and every one of them brings something else to the track.

The track itself is just happy and jolly which I really adore about it. It makes you feel good as you listen to it and if you listen to it at the beginning of the day, it makes you hopeful for the day. It just feels good…(as i said, despite the damage done to my heart by the anime..) 🙂

Take a listen! ❤


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