Song Review#27 – Beautiful Mess, Kristian Kostov

I’m not sure how this particular review is going to go down. This song is this year’s Eurovision entry for Bulgaria. If you don’t know, Eurovision is this massive song competition in which many countries come together each entering an act. Now some entries are really cheesy and most artists involved are unknown to the rest of the world until the Eurovision entries are announced.

There was something about this particular entry which I really liked. Kristian is 17 years of age (literally 2 months older than me wow!) and was involved in the creation and performance of this song. It’s smooth and heartfelt as well as modern and up-to-date. I think that even if these songs are usually predictable, I do enjoy hearing more ‘pop’ based songs. The reason I’m writing about this one is that I enjoy listening to it as if it were any song on the radio.

Anyway, Kristian has this amazingly smooth voice which perfectly suits this song. He has just the right amount of power and emotion laced into the melody. His voice is unbelievably pure and well ranged and completely well paired with this track. For his age, he is excellent. The track itself is very ‘pop-ballad-esque’, I feel it could be compared in some respect to the likes of EDEN.

I really hope that in the future Kristian releases more music, I can’t wait to hear what the future brings for him 🙂

Take a listen!


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