Song Review#10 – Shape of You (cover) Jacob Tillberg

I really wanted to do a short review on this one song, just while I was thinking about it. Sorry if it’s not AS detailed or as long as others but just wanted to get this out there 🙂

I gather everyone has at least heard that Ed Sheeran has dropped a shedload of new tunes.. WEEEEEEEEELL I certainly have. But at the same time, there are already some complete covers out of some of the early releases, and I happened to come across this one!

Jacob Tillberg, what a legend. This version is pretty much as good as the original in my opinion – not to diss our Ed though! I think I like this version more as it is much more of a dance remix but the vocals are so pure and shine through. You can really tell they are the main focus of this track.

The instrumental accompaniment keeps the originality and recognisability of the song

Take a listen!!


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